Start-N-Arc Sweepstakes: Frequently Asked Questions

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Start-n-Arc Sweepstakes: Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the Fall 2022 Start-n-Arc Sweepstakes?
What is is the exclusive online truck marketplace for the agriculture customer to find their next farm truck or SUV that comes with AgPack®!
What is AgPack®?
Available exclusively at Certified Agriculture Dealerships, AgPack® is a powerful package of farm and ranch discounts and rebates worth over $30,000*. It's all yours, FREE, with the purchase of every qualifying new or pre-owned truck, SUV, or van!
What is a Certified Agriculture Dealership?
A Certified Agriculture Dealership is a new/used truck dealership selling all the top makes/models of trucks who have made a commitment to the farmers and ranchers of America to learn more about their needs and to give them AgPack® with each qualifying vehicle purchase.
What can I win from's Start-N-Arc Sweepstakes?
Two of the handiest tools you'll ever have on the farm or ranch! 
  1. Vanair® 10,000 amp Start•All Jump•Pack®
  2. All-new lithium-ion-powered, portable EPEQ Welder 140 by Vanair®
What is the value of the prize?
The two tools have a combined retail value of nearly $4,400!
What are the full rules and details?
Are there any costs associated with winning?
Winner will arrange for pickup or delivery from the Vanair's closest dealer. The winner will be given a 1099 tax form for the total value of the prize. Winner is responsible for applicable taxes associated with their prize, which varies by state and by individual tax situations.
What does it cost to enter?
Nothing. No purchase necessary.
Where do I enter?
How many times can I enter?
  • One entry per person per day

What is the promotion schedule?
You can start entering at 12:01 am on January 1, 2023. Sweepstakes officially ends at 11:59 pm CST on March 11, 2023.

How will the winner be notified?
Must not be present to win. A representative from either CAD or Vanair will first try to contact you via phone. If that is not successful, we'll continue with email.

How will the winner receive the product?
Through Vanair's nearest dealer.

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* Based on customer using every AgPack® benefit to its maximum value.
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