Recommend Your Favorite Truck Dealer To Become a Certified Agriculture Dealership

We're busy on our own farms, and can’t visit with every dealer in the country. So we're going to lean on you for a little help.
Talk to your favorite dealer about becoming a Certified Agriculture Dealer. Get them teed up for us, then let us know who you talked with by using the form below.
Once they're signed up, we'll put an extra $250* on the hood of the next AgPack® qualifying vehicle you buy from that dealer. Just a little something we can do to say thanks for the assist!

* Customer will receive an email confirming the availability of their $250 truck purchase discount from the Certified Agriculture program, once the dealership’s enrollment is complete. Confirmation email will include instructions how to use the discount at time of truck purchase. Only one discount per store will be awarded. If another Customer has already started the process of assisting with a dealer enrollment in the Certified Agriculture program, Customer will immediately be informed the discount is no longer available for that store. The discount will be good for one year from the time prospective store finalizes it’s enrollment, and will only be valid at the Customer’s enrolled store (precise dates and store of validity will be defined in Customer’s confirmation email).

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